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Around 1990, Warner Bros., wanting to capitalize on the success of Batman, started putting out novels, I'm guessing based on how well the Further Adventures of Batman and Further Adventures of the Joker anthology books did. And for some unknown reason, they only did three books. (As a side note, they seemed to do it again when Batman Begins came out, but this time without the anthologies. Just three. Geez, guys, do more, would you?). Thanks to time, illness, and moving, the only one I'd been able to hang on to of those halcyon days of '90 is The Batman Murders, by Craig Shaw Gardener. And thanks to Amazon, I've finally been able to replace the other two.

Batman: Captured by the Engines by Joe R. Lansdale was, oddly enough, not my introduction to Lansdale(that was Subway Jack from the first Batman anthology), and it's an interesting horror story.

Batman: To Stalk a Specter by Simon Hawke. Unlike Lansdale, I don't think I'd heard of this guy before or since. And if I'm remembering it correctly, this is also the book that taught me that it only takes 3 pounds of pressure to shatter a knee joint.

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