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The Tunnel

Fracas snickered at the look he got from Diac before offering the fellow minibot an energon goodie he had ferreted away "Considering how me and Scourge saved you and Prime I would certainly hope so. Otherwise we would have just lost the war for our side." he laughed unphased by the whole situatuion. That was not to say his partner was. Scourge had a very sour look on his face as he watched the targetmaster needle and rib the enemies partner.


Brainstorm just sat quietly against the wall, isolating himself a bit as he felt the need to properly think on the whole situation. He was slowly coming to terms with what had happened to the gestalt. It was cruel and painful but ultimately a necessary evil. Granted it was far from the quick death he expected, but he had granted them a final peace after eons of suffering as a mindless beast.

Teslor was equally torn by the whole situation but inwardly he was glad. The apparently sociopathic scientist did deep inside have a soft and caring side about how he designed the weapons he sent to be used on other cybertronians.



Starscream had just managed to make the jump from atmosphere to the outer reaches of Cybertrons gravity as he began to ping the Decepticon ship.

"Come in! This is Starscream, requesting that you open a hatch so that I can board."
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