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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I wish he was just Rodimus Prime with no Hot Rod. We've gotten so many Hot Rods in the last decade, and almost no Rodimuses. And two of the Rodimuses we did get (this and the MP) are both compromised because the designers wanted it to be Hot Rod too! The only modern Rodimus Prime toy I can think of that's just Rodimus Prime is the Titanium, and, well, yuck.

It sounds like that's what it is, yeah. Seems like a pretty odd gimmick to me. But hey, if we get more TM-compatible figures and (looking at Darkwing and Dreadwind) more CW ones too, then it's not all bad.
Not just an odd gimmick, but one that seems to require a significant design compromise (an opening chest compartment) for not much added fun/play value (there's a purple thing inside instead of a yellow one). Sure, Headmasters require a cockpit, but it's fun to swap heads in bot mode and have a driver in alt mode. That's worth the trade off.

A standalone Voyager rodimus Prime would be nice. I'm OK with the idea of a smaller Hot Rod becoming part of a larger Rodimus. But, adding that gimmick plus the POTM gimmick to the same toy may be compomising the figure too much. Clay's link indicates this being another line-wide gimmick: Evolution, where Leaders have Deluxes built in.

That link also shows Voyager Grimlock with the other dinos being Deluxes. Maybe that's just becuase Grimlock is a bigger name, worthy of a bigger toy. Or, maybe there's a Dinobot combiner. Hungrr's another Voyager, Inferno's based on CW Hot Spot, and I've seen the same Starscream-torso theory that Unicron has.

However, this assumes that link is accurate. It shows toys with release dates of 4/20/2017 and 7/1/2017. Have those toys been released?

That grey combiner port does look pretty bad in Jazz's chest. If it were white to match the rest of the chest, or blue to match the stripe, it probably wouldn't be so bad. One of the picks had a Prime Master in a black piece mounted on Jazz's chest. That black piece has what looks like a thumb on one side. Maybe the new HFGs can hold PM/TMs.
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