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HeeFrom , Hee I’ve been a busy little transformer buying beaver! Roll Call!

Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2015) Combiner Wars we have: Dragstrip & Wildbreak, and Shockdrive & Warnado! Why they couldn’t rename Shockdrive something Shark related is a crying shame.

From Transformers: The Last Knight we have that weapon loving mini bot, Autobot Sqweeks! I hear he’s due to take Bumblebee’s role at the team mute.

From Transformers Titan Return we have a load of new recruits. In no order what so ever we start with Aimless & Misfire, I see these two playing Stormtroopers in the next Star Wars film. Flameout & Twin Twist are looking for his brother, got to feel sorry for the cons when they hook up! We have the always lovely Windblade & Scorchfire, woman has a dancer’s grace, but the skills of a harden warrior. We also have those two knuckle heads Overboard & Skytread, one is so stupid because that’s the way he is, and the other loves guns so much he can’t think of anything but blasting Autobots to scrap. That’s all for now folks . . . wait we have a last minute addition to the Titan return line. He’s big! He’s Mean! He loves Headmaster-os for breakfast! He’s Trypticon! Yup, Trypticon has been found north of the 49th parallel!

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