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So... why is it a bridge too far?
We're supposed to believe that this is the same person played by different actors. I think that despite all the differences in the actors playing the Master or the Doctor, there was at least the consistency that he was a male British actor that has run through them all that at least offered me something that was the same every time, some tiny straw to grasp. Regeneration is a concept that requires a pretty heft suspension of disbelief as it is, and I think it's finally been stretched to the breaking point.

I tried with Missy. It's not as though we haven't had her as a dry run for a female Doctor. We're not going into this blind. Missy is meant to be the same character that we last saw played by John Simms and Derek Jacobi, but I have never perceived her as "the Master". She's always seemed like someone different and separate. The change just doesn't work for me, and I doubt the Doctor will be any different.

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