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Apparently Hasbro's gone around and forced all the major sites to pull the images, which is as good as confirming that this is legit leaked info.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Dinobots, terrorcons, predacons, oh my!
YAY TERRORCONS! A full set of Dinobots would be cool too, though I'm not interested in them combining (assuming that rumour is true) and I don't like Grimlock being bigger than the others, so I may wind up buying Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop (if they're good) to go with Classics Grimlock instead. Unless Voyager Grimlock is super awesome, anyway.

Anyway, this stuff is way more interesting than the stuff they actually showed off.

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However, this assumes that link is accurate. It shows toys with release dates of 4/20/2017 and 7/1/2017. Have those toys been released?
I think they were Asian exclusives of some sort? I don't really pay much attention to movie stuff but I seem to remember hearing about those molds being rereleased.

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One of the picks had a Prime Master in a black piece mounted on Jazz's chest. That black piece has what looks like a thumb on one side. Maybe the new HFGs can hold PM/TMs.
The Pretender shells transform into guns, so maybe it was one of those?
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