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Think there's some of Delgado and Ainley in Gomez's performance. Didn't particularly like Simms as he was like a mirror universe Simon Pegg at times.
I've been watching a start to finish Who marathon for a few years now, and I'm currently watching Tennant's second season with the three parter that brought back the Master. I like Simms more than I did the first time around. He has a bit of Ainley's madness turned up to hyperactive levels, but he doesn't really seem to be drawing on any past performances, just playing the part as written. I think Davies just decided, along with other modern writers, that the Master's sole defining characteristic is that he's insane, which I maintain Delgado's version never was. I think Ainley's version might well have been, after all he'd done to himself. I thought Eric Roberts did a better job and was closer to Delgado than anyone else has managed, but I suspect I'm in the minority in liking his performance.

I'll have to watch Gomez again and see what I think this time when I get to Capaldi's episodes. I know they were going for a Pertwee/Delgado "former friends" vibe with her and Capaldi, but she's so silly half the time, and I don't see any of Delgado's suaveness or affability in her performance. And to be bluntly honest, I just don't see him turning into her down the line. Changing the character into a woman really disconnects them.

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