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The Pertwee era's tendency towards ridiculousness is one of things I like most about it, TBH. Take that and blend it with a bit of mad and homicidal and that's what I find myself recognising.

And the Master isn't particularly fussy about surviving in a non-humanoid form. It's fitting that the incarnation that kills (as far as he knows) his future self is Simms, who represents a point at which madness was basically all there was to the character -- although I assume he's got some sort of contingency, like a time-looped copy or clone or something. (I suspect we'll see the Master back as a bloke versus the new Doctor).

Having grown up with harder science fiction such as Iain M Banks in which elective reconfiguration of biology is a thing (and it's the exception that Culture citizens stick with a body or gender for most of their existence, and uploading or transitioning into other forms of life -- including whole civilisations opting to leave the matter universe behind -- is very common) I guess I just see this as considerably more likely than time travel.
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