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Battlestation Ginrai:

Nightbeat watched the holodisplay, seemingly fascinated by the repair systems working on Hot Rod. And keeping an unobtrusive optic on the small form huddled in the back area of what he'd come to think of as the command deck.

Okay, short of spending his time locked in Ginrai's cab as either a head or just sitting in the driver's seat, this was the only deck there was. But he was still calling it the command deck. He leaned back in the command throne, slowly spinning around to face the huddled form of Firedrive. "You okay, kid?"

Firedrive kept his face buried in his hands, horrified at what he was seeing In his mind. The death of Demolition. The savage joy and satisfaction that had surged through his link with Hot Rod. His voice was barely a whisper. "No."
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