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Titans Return Broadside w/Blunderbuss
Really pleased to finally have found something from TR Wave 4 locally And it's Broadside!And he's great!I like the huge frame this guy has, he's got some bulk, but wears it well all great big blocks of ROBOT. It's like he's one of those old Charles Atlas ads from the comics, where he got fed up of bullies kicking sand in his face and went to the gym and worked out. A lot. Articulation is good,on a par with most deluxes, but nothing to get excited about. The alt modes.. the Aircraft carrier is excellent, but I won't be pinning those tiny Aerialbots on him as I'm bound to loose them. Also, Hasbro not being arsed to paint them up, they make him look like he's covered in lice or something. The jet mode is alright - I like it - but is a bit of a clusterf88k of robo-parts with a nose cone on the front. As everyone else has said, the stickers are good, but there's no way these things are going to survive, having been put on parts that need constant handling and brush up against other parts. A bit like how Rewind's stickers are similarly doomed to failure.
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