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Upstate, NY

TR Seaspray: Randomly found this little fat guy at Walmart when I stopped in. His transformation is simple and expected, but it gets the job done. He's a cute little update to the minibot he once was.

TLK Nitro: First impression of this guy is that he's big. He's bigger then the TR voyagers I have so far. He's got some heft to him as well. His joints are all nice and tight and his paint apps are crisp. I'm not sure he's worth what I paid for him yet, but I really like him. He's big, bulky, and his transformation is interesting enough to do.

TR Trypticon: The big bad himself. Snagged him at a ThinkGeek store at the local mall. Sadly he was a first run one so I had to operate on his hips, which was a pain in the butt. Speaking of a pain in the butt, holy moly Batman, those stickers. There seemed like there was a thousand of the little foil buggers. But after a few hours of fighting with the little things and preforming toy surgery, he was worth the effort. He stacks up well with Fort Max and Metroplex. His little car buddy, Full Tilt, is a full on Deluxe sized headmaster now. He sadly lacks the electronic sounds of the last two city bots. Overall I'm rather fond of the big beasty.
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