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Battle station Ginrai:

"What happened?"

Firedrive's voice was muffled by his hands. "It's.... Hot Rod...... We helped murder that.... His feeling... For the love of Primus, he's so happy that it's dead......"

Nightbeat sighed, feeling out of his depth. "I wish I could help, but I'm kind of new to this, too. So's Ginrai, but he's.... What, a month?"

Ginrai's voice came over the speakers. "I'm five weeks old. Almost."

Firedrive's hands came away from his face, his gaze now boring into the deck plating. "Want to trade?"

Nightbeat chuckled. "I don't think I'd mesh well with Roddy. I think the only reason this meld has a chance of working is because Ginrai here is so young. The medtechs said my cerebro-cortex is wired up differently, so a more set mind, like Hot Rod's, wouldn't work. And while archaeology isn't my usual job, that vehicle mode your partner has would, believe it or not, probably stand out worse than Ginrai's."

Firedrive looked up at that, remembering the massive red semi rig and grey trailer, then compared it to Hot Rod's sleek styling, not to mention much smaller vehicle mode. "How is that even possible?"

"I'm a detective. Hot Rod won't sit unobtrusively anywhere. Ginrai, I can probably dress up a little. Some dust, dirt.... Maybe a busted headlight."

"Please do not break my headlights."

"I'm just using that as an example. Yes, certain parts of town, you'd really stand out in, but Hot Rod would stand out anywhere."

Some distance away from the Canyon:

The figure crouched, it's optics trained on the valley that now swarmed with the broken, scavenging wrecks going over what little could be taken from the destruction of Demolition.

It had seen the cause of it's pain. The cause of it's trouble.

And, maybe, it's salvation.

The combiner straightened, it's powerful form largely intact. And from it's vocoder, raspy with disuse, came one word: "Ssssennnntinnnellll....."
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