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I'd be surprised if any of them were. We knew by the end of 2015 that FunPub was on the way out, and I can't imagine Hasbro was sharing details of upcoming toys with them once they decided to pull the plug. A lot of these molds were things that probably weren't even put on paper when Hasbro made the decision.
Yeah, that's what I mean by sour grapes. If Hasbro had yanked the convention license and gave it to another fan-run organization, I could understand being miffed about it, but that's not what's happening. Hasbro seem to be consolidating everything they do into one big convention in their own back yard, which is a fair measure different. Fun Publications had a good run with it, but there's no need for them to be pouty-pants about it by saying, "look at what we were going to do, it would have been so awesome!!!1".

Still, I like some of the ideas. Maybe Hasbro will make a few of them down the road anyway.
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