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I found the voyager Optimus Prime and the headmaster Repugnus and Shuffler a little while back. I like the little guys! They're cute! And Shuffler has a decent weapon mode as well.

I picked up the Prime because I had a passing interest in the Black Convoy version Takara put out and wanted to know the mold first, and... well. Money saved! He's a bit like Broadside in that he has only two modes. He does not have a third, airplane mode. Only the two. Only. Two.

But really, the basic problem with this mold is the same problem with the deluxe Octane from a few years ago. Instead of letting the wings just run the length of the truck mode (say, underneath it?) so that they can be better proportioned to the plane, they made the wings fold up inside the truck, leaving them comically small.
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