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Within the cavernous recesses of the dim room, six figures sat at a table. Hanging in the air before them, the images of the battle, first between the Autobots and the Decepticons, then their combined forces against Demolition.

Other than a derisive snort from one of them any time an Autobot appeared on the screen, the six made not a sound until the battle was over, and Demolition's destruction was well and truly finished. The image changed, then, seeming to zoom in on one flying form in particular. That being said, given that shade of orange, it was hard to miss.

"Well? Tactical assessment?" The leader then held up his hand to forestall any comments from the one who'd been snorting. "I think I can guess what yours is."

Before the snorter could speak, another one steepled his fingers before himself. "Most of them, we have files on. Optimus Prime, Megatron, Hardhead- I think I even picked Sixshot and Chromedome out of that mess."

"Geez. I figured they've killed each other by now."

The one with the steepled fingers glared at the one who interrupted him.

"Wow. Sorry, big guy."

He then continued. "Understandably, once Sentinel became far more apparent, we started having a harder time getting information since he started focusing on that one target. We do, however, have a few things to try to figure out-"

"We kill all those damned Autobots, there won't be that much to figure out."

Steepled fingers glared at the Snorter. Snorter glared right back.

Steepled fingers made a motion in the air, and an image of Ginrai appeared, balanced on the skysled that had brought him down from near orbit. "This being one of the things."

Another figure spoke up, this one seeming to blend in with the shadows. "Optimus Prime. How hard is that to figure out?"

Steepled fingers sighed. "Two things. One-" an image of Optimus Prime appeared, fighting with Megatron. "I think we can all agree that this is Optimus. And two-" an image of Ginrai being blasted in the head by Megatron's fusion cannon, followed by this plunge to the ground appeared.

"I could watch that all day, " Snorter chuckled.

"Be that as it may, I don't think we're dealing with two Optimus Primes here. In terms of raw power, he's an even match for us, far more than either Sentinel or Optimus or Megatron. Megatron shooting him in the head may have helped. Except for this." The image changed again, showing Ginrai grappling with Starscream, then rising to his feet and joining in the fray. Steepled fingers looked over at the one who'd interrupted him first. "You've shot enough people in the head. Was he still alive?"

"He sure looked dead to me."

"This brings us to the other concern." Steepled fingers changed the image again, this time showing a zoomed and somewhat grainy image of Doomshot. "Whatever this is."

The leader narrowed his optics. "That looks like........ Huh."

"You've got an idea, Captain?"

He sorted through the images, finding one of Doomshot and his exoarmor. "I think they're like us. Their weapons..... No, wait." He scrolled through more images. Doomshot again, locking into place as Megatron's head. The leader's optics widened. "What the hell....."

"We can pop Autobots heads off all day!"

"Shut up, Gaihawk." Leozak scowled at the image before him, then looked over at Drillhorn. "What are our power reserves at?"

Drillhorn brought up another display, looking at it critically. "Liokaiser's power levels are holding steady at 86%. Sentinel's arrival seems to have focused him a bit more on one particular target, but other than that...."

"Think we can finally get some help in no longer forming Liokaiser?"

Drillhorn shrugged. "I don't know, Jalgar. We've been stuck this way for so long now, we may no longer be able to survive as individual units.

"There's a way to fix this, Drillhorn. And we're going to find it." Leozak smiled. It was not a nice smile. It was a smile that promised pain and suffering. "We're going to capture Sentinel Prime and make them undo this."

Gaihawk laughed. "And I can pop that damned Autobot's head off over and over and over again......"
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