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So, I had a really good time at TFNation this year, mainly from just meeting up with everyone again and hanging out. I'm probably not best placed to judge the overall event, as I missed a lot of stuff through dawdling or being in the wrong place, but it did feel really well organised to me and the team reacted quickly to the unexpected popularity of a lot of the panels by shifting to larger rooms and re-running stuff as Denyer mentioned, which was really thoughtful.

The cosplay was really good and I was very impressed with that. I stuck around for the script reading, which was worth it for Hal Rayle giving it his all and Mark Ryan was good value doing the narration, even if the script was, as usual, full off toe-curling puns and jokes that missed the mark. Its nice that this is still popular though and that the actors are all game for 'doing the voices' from twenty, thirty years ago :P

What else did I do? Oh, I went to Venus Terzo's panel and was amazed at the breadth of her career and she graciously handled questions about Transformers she didn't know much about (understandably). I loved that one of her favourite voice acting roles was Rainbow Dash on My Little Pony, and was sorry she lost the role when they required some singing in the role (Venus can't sing).

I missed Bob's panel, but enjoyed the two hander between him and Furman on the Sunday.

The Lost Light panel seemed to draw the biggest number of bums on seats and managed to avoid the elephant in the room (Milne) quite elegantly. And, from the last time I was here, it was nice to see the artist full of enthusiasm for LL and working with James, which made for a much lighter and less tense panel.

The dealers seemed to have a nice spread of stuff, with a bit of variety between them all which I appreciated although I think we all felt a bit bad for the old dude who was clearly looking after someone else's stall who couldn't make it, as he seemed very confused about what it was he was selling.

The venue continues to be a funny old place. It's a really oddly designed place, with MASSIVE corridors and tiny rooms, followed by big rooms. It's fairly elegant on the inside and I liked the outside bar we sat at at on the Sunday, but by crikey, its an ugly old thing on the outside and the use of petrol generators was a funny do. The staff seemed to be struggling with having two events on and a wedding, which meant the service was... variable and ordering coffees and drinks from the real ale bar seemed to be an unnecessarily complicated affair too. The street food thing was good though, so props for that.
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