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TFN Haul!:

Purple MMC Rodimus: Those colours really, really work well in person. And a fun toy that really gets the swagger of the guy.

MMC Cyclonus: Yeah, basically the same. Just a great take on the IDW design.

TFN Exclusive Rune: Very faithful to the Don War Within design, meaning anyone who hates that will have no truck with this. But she's good fun on those terms.

Overlord: I bought an actual Transformer! I understand the 3P one is more Roche, but there's something hugely fun about his big blocky nature that's great. Lots of play value, looks great in all modes and isn't remotely worth the full RRP I paid for him in a moment of lust, but at a realistic price for a toy like this he'd be fab. I want Black Shadow now.
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