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I found a Titans Return Misfire the other day! It's a nice figure, and very different from Triggerhappy even though they share legs (everything from the waist up is engineered, and transforms, very differently). Back in the 80s, Misfire was the first Transformer I ever bought for myself with my own money (a few days after getting Lightspeed for my birthday), so I was probably destined to fall in love with a new version of the character even if it wasn't great just for nostalgia reasons (not being a Targetmaster doesn't hurt the nostalgia in this case because young me lost Aimless down an air vent almost immediately). But I can happily say that it's a quite good figure even without that. The colours and deco are satisfyingly G1 toy accurate, but the transformation takes the lead from the character model, in particular by having the jet's dual nosecones projecting up over Misfire's shoulders instead of flipping the nose down and hiding it behind his back. It makes for a big improvement to the character's silhouette, and makes the two modes more coherent since the nosecone is the most distinctive thing going for the robot mode.

Misfire is maybe a hair better than Triggerhappy just because he doesn't have a pair of giant cannons folded onto his arms in robot mode, but they make for a great duo. Hopefully Slugslinger will make it a great trio in a few months!

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