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So on one of my infrequent trips into FYE, and in need of a good laugh after toe last week or so, I picked up a couple of anime, one of which I knew vaguely about, the other I'd never heard of.

Jubei-chan The Ninja Girl - I vaguely remember hearing about this one, or maybe seeing clips of it. Legendary warrior Jubei Yagyu, as he was dying, told his apprentice to seek out his heir. And 300 years later, the apprentice finally finds the heir. Who is a klutzy teenage girl. I hope hiliarity will ensue.

Space Pirate Mito - The story of a teenage boy who discovers that his mother is not a supermodel but is instead a 3 foot tall space pirate with a bunch of exosuits that look like beautiful women. And then things start getting strange.

As a professional tanuki (I'm a Japanese mythological animal, and a good luck charm), I have an alarm clock built into me somewhere. I also look like a stuffed animal. And you thought your life was tough......

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