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It's certainly more versatile. Other than than, they're both ways to unlock roughly equal amounts of power extra-dimensionally.
How can one say Adam and Adora's Swords of Powers (referencing "The Origin of the Sorceress") are equal if they are identical, except for the extra jewel in Adora's sword?

Doesn't this imply that the Sword of Protection has everything the Sword of Power has plus something extra (i.e. the Stone in the Sword)?


Sword of Protection = Sword of Power + Stone in the Sword


Sword of Protection > Sword of Power

Can anyone refute this logical, mathematical argument?

Also, Adora's transformation sequence has both Castle Grayskull and the Crystal Castle, whereas Adam's transformation only has Castle Grayskull.

It follows that:

Castle Grayskull + The Crystal Castle > Castle Grayskull
=> Shera's Power = 2 * He-man's Power
given Castle Grayskull = Crystal Castle.


She-ra's Power > He-man's Power
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