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TFNation Haul

I came away with a fair few things this year!

Beast Wars Fox Kids Transmetal Cheetor
Neat Red repaint of the really rather good TM Cheetor toy, which I was surprised and pleased to find (I was thinking I'd have to stomach import prices, so hooray for that). The robot mode looks amazing, whilst the cat mode just looks very angry.

Beast Machines Rapticon
Gorgeous green/gunmetal/ neon repaint of the TMII Dinobot toy. Bit of an impluse grab, but again, a figure that's quite hard to come by in the UK (most of the second year Beast Machines figures and late-wave stragglers like the Dinobots failed to make it to these shores), so I thought I'd get him whilst I could.

Classics Devastator Slegde repaint
As with Cheetor and Rapticon, I picked this up from Sid's stall. It's a repaint of the Energon Sledge figure - which was pretty good anyway - in grey, gold and neon green. Colours which shouldn't work together, but do. Makes me want the rest of the set! idea of the guy's name. Possibly Bonecrusher...

From ID Toys...

Whilst everyone was interested in Octone (?), Blitzwing, Topspin, Twintwist and Misfire, I was really pleased to get my paws on

Titans Return Krok
Which is just a repaint of Skullcruncher with a new head, but it's so good! And looks better to me than Skullcruncher did.

Titans Return Quake
Again, another simple repaint which I like better than the first use of the mould. The paint on Quake's face is quite lovely too.

Titans Return Chromedome
Knightdramon went for the fancy Legends version with the Anime appropriate head, but in the end, I decided a slightly better paint job couldn't compete with the 12 the western version was going for. Especially as I was a bit indifferent on Chromedome. Turns out, he's great and the translucent wheels aren't as much of a bother as I thought.

Masterpiece Optimus Primal
Only got this guy out of his box tonight and I can see why everyone says he's great - he's great! He's a much better action figure than the original toy. Not having all the chest beating gears in his chest/ arms of the original makes a huge difference. If there is a downside, it's that I really wish that Takara wasn't so beholden to animation models. The CGI beast modes aren't bad, but they are weird looking. Primal lacking any hair texture (despite a very nice and subtle paint job), looks a bit ..polished. I went for the show version, as the newly released version that matches the original toy was 20 more, and I wasn't actually that bothered for the mace.

From a guy selling random exclusives and Vehicle Voltron

Botcon 2015 Waruder Invaders 4-Pack
Fun set of Generations T30 Waspinator repaints with the Waspinator TM that came with GT30 Legends Starscream (I think). I like the pink and black and white one best. Don't usually bother with exclusives, but these were a bargain at 15 each. The Targetmaster figures are garbage, tbh. Really rubbery, loose and wibbly, and a couple of the larger figures have one loose ankle each.

And finally, from the Spacebridge...

RID Warrior Class Skywarp
Nice Skywarp recolour of the Starscream mould.

Plus of course, THE BOOK VOLUME 2 which I've started reading.

And thank you to Denyer for the HUGE X-Force and Sleeper hardbacks

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