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I tracked down TR Twin Twist last night. I like him less than I I liked Topspin. His face sculpt isn't great, and turning his tank tracks into hinged shoulder kibble makes a mess of the simple Jumpstarter silhouette. Neither of those things makes him bad, but Topspin is definitely the better of the two.

Also, kinda disappointed that they didn't give him actual spinning drill bits at the front of his alt-mode. I'm not sure if the transformation would have actually allowed it or not but it would have been neat.

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Beast Wars Fox Kids Transmetal Cheetor
Neat Red repaint of the really rather good TM Cheetor toy, which I was surprised and pleased to find (I was thinking I'd have to stomach import prices, so hooray for that). The robot mode looks amazing, whilst the cat mode just looks very angry.
I'm pretty sure I got mine from Dalek, so there were at least two of them in the UK at some point!

It's a beautiful figure, though. I've got three versions of this mold (this, the standard version and the Armada one) and something like six Cheetors in general, but this one is my favourite.

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Beast Machines Rapticon

Rapticon's on my want list but I don't think I've ever even seen one for sale. I mean I'm not exactly scouring eBay for him either, since I don't like to buy Transmetals unless I've seen them in person and carefully inspected the chrome, but he seems like a figure that's pretty rare everywhere.

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