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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Simplest way is to order online, really.
Honestly, even this is getting more and more difficult. Smaller online retailers are increasingly forcing you to buy a full wave's worth of figures or nothing at all, which is a hard sell unless you're a completist. And bigger online sellers like Walmart, Amazon or Toys'r'us (at least up here) skip over two or three waves at a time, and when they do get in something other than waves one and two, they sell out fifteen minutes after someone posts the sighting online and never restock. So if you want stuff from the later waves in a line, you're still stuck looking for it in stores more often than not.

If I'd relied exclusively on online ordering for my Titans Return collection, I'd never have gotten half of the figures I own.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Hasbro have been distributing transformers in a wave system since 1996, but most retail stores still haven't gotten the hang of it and comically overstock waves one and two of each line.
I don't think that's the problem anymore. Certainly this was the case five or ten years ago. I remember stores being swamped with five cases' worth of WFC Prime, Drift and co. when Generations started, and how badly overstocked the first waves of ROTF figures were. But nowadays I don't hear complaints about old stock flooding the shelves to the point that there's no room for new stuff. For the last few years it seems like the more likely problem is that the shelves are flooded, but bare. That's certainly the case here, where almost everything sells out almost instantly except for the big, expensive Leader figures.

And looking around the toy aisles, it seems like this is a Hasbro problem. Because I see the exact same problem in the Star Wars and Marvel sections: the shelf space where the more collector-friendly sublines (Generations, Star Wars Black, Marvel Legends) are supposed to be are frequently left empty for three, four months at a time. I never see that with the neighbouring action figure lines from other companies. DC Multiverse shelves are always full, the wrestling section is packed and I'm always noticing new stuff popping up, the Turtles and Power Rangers areas rarely have bare pegs, and the stores are always flush with Lego...but the Hasbro lines are always sold out.

Initially I grumbled about retailers not knowing what sells and not stocking enough of the popular lines, but once I caught on that it was always happening to Hasbro stuff, and that I never noticed it going on with anyone else, I had to rethink that. Retailers under-order sometimes, yeah, but this many retailers on this many lines (all made by one company) for this long? Something's got to be up if everyone else can keep their stuff on the shelves but Hasbro can't.

I wonder if the company's newfound devotion to the Asian market is causing problems for the rest of us. Maybe they just don't have enough production capacity to keep up with demand across all markets? It would certainly explain the anecdotes I've heard lately from small retailers about Hasbro shorting their orders.
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