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I could definitely make an argument that G1 is the best part of the franchise, simply because there's so much more to it than any of the franchises that followed. It ran for much longer and had more toys, more comics and more cartoon episodes than almost any other series (Rescue Bots actually has a couple more episodes, now). Even though other series peaked higher (and I'm obviously a big Beast Wars fan myself) there's just so much more G1 to enjoy. And between IDW comics and Generations and MP toys, there's lots more coming out even now.

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Did Hasbro overlook Megatron's fan base, and have myopic, tunnel-vision for Optimus Prime?
Don't think Hasbro had the slightest idea what they were doing at the time, honestly. Selling toys via a cartoon was still a new thing back in the early 80s, and they simply didn't realize that kids would bond with the cartoon characters as strongly as they did.
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