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Is Megatron's fusion cannon more powerful than Galvatron's arm cannon, or are they exactly the same? I read somewhere that Galvatron's cannon emits mostly electricity. Wouldn't Megatron's fusion cannon be superior to a weapon of this nature, like how a gasoline-powered vehicle is generally more powerful than an electric vehicle?

Galvatron is assumed to be stronger and more powerful in the G1 cartoon but Megatron's G1 toy tech specs are more impressive than Galvatron's. How do they compare in the IDW comic universe?

I know in the G1 Marvel universe Megatron is said to be the most powerful Decepticon, defeating all the Dinobots put together. He also defeated the Predacons, and obliterated them in their gestalt form Predaking. It's hard to believe that Galvatron would be more powerful than that.
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