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Dig Site

Sixshot followed Deathsaurus as they passed Hardhead and the other Autobots. The six-changer glared at any and all Autobots that dared to even look at him, yet make mental note of those who didn't flinch at his gaze. Sixshot knew of his (perhaps too exaggerated, yet not entirely untrue) reputation among both factions, yet he would relish a chance to take stock of any of the Autobots that would be a worthy opponent in the future. To Sixshot's disappointment, Cobaltdome was not around. That was a rare breed, that one.

Chromedome. The part of Sixshot that was Revolver reminded him.


Sixshot kept his hands on the side of his concussion cannons. They were on a truce, and Sixshot will honour that truce. But this will not last very long, and the moment they call it off (and they always call it off) Sixshot will be ready to let loose and murder everyone with a red badge.

"That is troubling news. I do not put much faith in Decepticon honour -- it has always been an unpredictable variable." Perceptor scowled. Yes, the Decepticons probably knew -- or their leaders did. That much was obvious. The reticules on Perceptor's advanced monocle briefly rotated in and out, and the scientist scowled. "My sensors appear to be malfunctioning. Must have been the radiation from the battle with Demoli- with the gestalt combiner."

The scientist folded his arms. Typical. One of their leaders are at the mercy of the Decepticons. The other is off pouting somewhere thanks to his illogical pride. And the two of them are at each other's necks anyway when they're around. Add the whole mess of the dig site, the combiners and whatever secret agenda that the Decepticons are running with the dig site, and Perceptor knew that there were way, way too many wild cards in play.

"How did we end up like this?" Perceptor wondered out loud, and caught himself, scowling. Emotional responses. Rhetorical questions. Not productive. Remnant of the old Perceptor. He shook his head slightly. "The first priority needs to be locating Optimus, I suppose. I suspect our leaders know of what is going on at the dig site far more than we do, and Optimus would be a lot more cooperative than Sentinel."

Diac looked at the energon goodie and gave Fracas a slightly bewildered look, before catching himself and shaking his head. "I will pass, thank you." Diac said, trying as best as he could to rein in the instinct to attack the Decepticon.

Hate the cause. Don't hate the people. Diac reminded himself. You are Optimus Prime now. Optimus Prime would not stab a Decepticon offering you refreshments. Even if there is a significantly large chance that said refreshment is poisoned.

"You saved us? I thank you." Diac said, and those words came out of Diac's mouth far more sincerely than he thought himself capable. "Do you have any information about where my people are? I do need to get back to them."

Diac hated this. Vulnerability. They were in enemy hands. If it was just him, if it was just Diac, he would've fought his way out, or snuck away... but Optimus Prime's body is there, and Diac knew that it was his fault that they were in Decepticon hands. Truce or no truce, Diac would feel a lot better if he was among friends.

Diac pressed his commlink again. How long does ion shell radiation take to dissipate? He sighed. His sensors tell him that Optimus Prime is self-repairing, but it will take some time until that will go to full completion without a medic physically working on Optimus's body. Then, to Diac's relief, the static cleared briefly. Not enough to send out a full message and Diac sent out a ping among the Autobot channels that told them of his location (the lack of a distress call should hopefully confer to them that he was not in any particular danger presently), hoping that Perceptor, Hardhead or one of the other Autobots nearby would pick it up.
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