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Really? Here in the US, it's more of a problem than it was in the past, at least with Titans Return deluxes. Every walmart within a hour's drive's radius is overstocked with Blurr, Scourge, and Chromedome, and has been since December. Even the TRU, which had the Misfire wave last week, had that wave on top of a bunch of wave 1.5 figures.

I do remember Combiner Wars stock as a blink-and-you'll-miss-it affair, though.
The Walmart problem is a result of Christmas, at least around here. Back then they got one of those big cardboard displays on a pallet that would sit in the main aisle, full of those 'old' figures. The Walmart I frequent for other stuff still has some of those figures left clogging things up.

As for TRU, the local one of those has actually received those wave 1.5 from the warehouse on recent trucks. Probably the warehouse shifting old stock or not giving a shit since the different waves all fall under the same item number.
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