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Originally Posted by Heinrad View Post
For me, I guess it depends on what I want for the character/figure. I wound up getting Blurr not because I thought it was an amazing design, but because I already had Hot Rod and Kup. And I got Kup because of LSotW.
There's a bit of that in my collecting too...buying figures that I'd be lukewarm on otherwise just so I can complete a team. Combiner Wars was the worst for it, of course, since there was a tangible benefit to having all the Aerialbots or Combaticons.

Luckily I managed to avoid buying Blurr so I didn't feel compelled to get a Kup. If I'd gotten my hands on Takara Blurr like I'd been considering, I don't think I'd have been able to resist, even though Kup is kinda m'eh on his own.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Really? Here in the US, it's more of a problem than it was in the past, at least with Titans Return deluxes. Every walmart within a hour's drive's radius is overstocked with Blurr, Scourge, and Chromedome, and has been since December. Even the TRU, which had the Misfire wave last week, had that wave on top of a bunch of wave 1.5 figures.
I've heard a lot of people in the US complaining about being understocked as well, so it probably differs from region to region. Either way, I'm not hearing any people jumping up to say that their stores are well-stocked with just the right amount of current product, so it's pretty obvious that someone's making bad decisions somewhere in the supply chain.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
I do remember Combiner Wars stock as a blink-and-you'll-miss-it affair, though.
I'd say just the opposite. Combiner Wars was the first line in a while that was stocked reasonably around here. It wasn't perfect, since we only got the first and third waves of Legends figures and Ultra Magnus was so rare that I never saw one. But all the Deluxes were easy to find (although the Combaticon and Sky Reign waves came along in opposite order, causing some minor panic) and there were always Voyagers and Leaders around, even if they weren't the most up to date.

The Fall of Cybertron and Thrilling 30 lines were a lot like Titans Return has been, though, with several waves being quite rare and the shelves frequently being bare. Some wave were even skipped over completely. Remember how you had to send me one of your shelfwarming Rattraps because I never saw that wave at all?

Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
The Walmart problem is a result of Christmas, at least around here.
Even around Christmas time last year, most of the stores around here only had a couple Deluxes hanging around the pegs at any given time.
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