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Over the past month or so, I've gotten:
TR Blitzwing and Octane. Both are good, though I have trouble tabbing all of Blitzwing together in tank mode.

RiD Soundwave. I hadn't planned on getting him, but am glad I did. I just wish he came with a 2nd weapon. There's even less attempt to hide his arms in alt mode than in a CW arialbot, but it somehow works.

TLK Deluxe Megatron (TRU exclusive). This is a redo of the Deluxe stealth bomber Megatron from a few years ago, who I never got. I was confused by the oddly shaped shoulder cannon until I read that it's suposed to be rail gun. My only other movie Megs are Power Battlers Galvatron and a small 3rd movie truck with a trailer that turns into a base of some kind.

TLK Skullitron (TRU exclusive). I appear to have lucked out with mine, as I've read that most iterations of this guy (and mold mate Steelbane) have very loose joints. Mine will droop his dragon head a bit if I swoop him around, but not too badly.

TLK Hound. I wasn't that impressed with him until I gave him all of AoE Hound's weapons, too. He's got tabs in his legs for the pistols, and enough holes in his back for the handles of everything else. Now he looks like the walking armory from the movies. He's much better proportioned than AoE Hound. AoE Hound is now in vehicle mode, but without his weapons, looks like an elongated garbage truck.

TLK Scorn, who's probably my favorite movie Dinobot toy. Both modes are good, and the transformation is actually fun. I currently have him as part of a movie/TF Prime crossover setup.
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