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Dig Site

Furos saw Sixshot enter the site and fixed a cold stare on the large Decepticon. Then he looked sidelong at Stylor. "Keep your partner under control," he told the other Titan Master. "The last thing we need is his personal vendetta starting a shooting match in close quarters."

Hardhead replied to Perceptor, "Indeed, it's worrisome."

He didn't answer the scientist's rhetorical question, since philosophy wasn't his strong suit and neither was self-reflection. Instead, he bobbed his cannon in agreement with the scientist's other statement. "Agreed. Finding Optimus needs to be priority #1. And if your sensors are damaged, then we'll need to send out search teams to--"

At that point, Diac's locator beacon popped up on his scanners momentarily.

"Or he could send us his location, I suppose. Shall we roll?"

Mindwipe settled down in a quiet corner of the site and folded his wings, dropping down into a squat.

"What are we doing here, exactly?" Vorath asked him. "The others--"

"The others can vait," Mindwipe told him. "I must trance."

"What in the world are you talking about?"

Mindwipe produced the brain module that he'd recovered. "The kill is fresh. I vill wisit the remnants of the dead mind in here wia trancing. Thus vill I learn more about vat is on the other side of this mortal weil."

"This is ridiculous. There is nothing to see. Dead is dead." Vorath pulled the handle that opened Mindwipe's cockpit hatch, then dropped out of his spot in the bigger Decepticon's torso. "If you wish to waste your time, then I'll find something productive to do. Perhaps the dig workers will be willing to speak to a fellow scientist."

"If you vish for me to...persuade them, you have but to call," Mindwipe told him. "I vill be there...vunce my trance is complete, uv course."
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