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Are the He-man and She-ra mini comics worth buying?
Assuming you're talking about the Dark Horse reprint hardcover, it's good value if that's your flavour of nostalgia. Better written than a lot of episodes although that isn't saying much.

Attacking Etheria in force involves leaving Eternia undefended, is the simplest explanation. It could also be argued Hordak has more resources there too.

Certainly more interesting to have a cartoon where the good guys don't very easily trounce the bad ones completely -- i.e. I find POP relatively watchable, whereas MOTU is more hit and miss.

The swords themselves probably don't function as more than keys and conduits. Thinking about magic in terms of equations and as a zero sum game usually tends to be a bit of a dead end. It's like reading AD&D setting novels -- having some rules callbacks establishes a tone but ultimately it's just writers making stuff up.
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