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I can't afford the Transformers toys, at least the G1 stuff that I like. I had to stop after G1 Omega Supreme. He's my only one. Why was he so expensive? He's worth it though.

I have to find satisfaction in the media, the G1 cartoon and animated movie. They're great. I just want more of that kind of stuff.

Is the Japanese G1 worth getting into?

The only Transformers game I like is the Angry Birds one. It's just I was really disappointed in Galvatron. He can't fire continuously like Soundwave and Bludgeon.

I can't get into Earth Wars and Forged to Fight.

Animated is too kitty-Kat. I like my Transformers badass. And I don't like the humans in Prime; they're just too much.

How can I satisfy my craving for more G1?

Does Angry Birds Galvatron's firepower ever get any better? I keep ranking him up and his blasting is still delayed? I want a Galvatron that I can be proud of.

Don't get me wrong, I still think Megatron is better. However, I admired Galvatron's firepower in the G1 cartoon.
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