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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Just received a replacement copy of Primacy. No idea if the pages were wrong in the previous one or fixed in this. Haven't checked.


Same here, bar the fact I have checked.

Read a bit of Monstrosity, I quite enjoy the Dille stuff (well, assuming he contributed more than which bits of his 86 film dialogue was used), mainly thanks to Livio's art. I do wish they'd made it cartoon continuity though rather than trying to awkwardly slam it into the IDW stuff when Barber and Roberts were doing quite detailed and contradictory pre-war stuff at the same time.

Still waiting on the August books...


Oh, and though I didn't see the TFN panel as I was on my own stage at the time, apparently (and people might want to sit down for this), the World's Collide story from the Armada comic is going to be included.

But not G2. Or the Avengers crossover...
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