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Battle station Ginrai:

The holodisplay went from showing a rotating display of Hot Rod's repair status(nearly complete), the amount of energy that was being used for all systems currently in operation(not as much as in robot mode, but far more than in vehicle mode), current levels of energy generation from enviroment(wind, light, vibration, ambient radiation), and a sensor map of the immediate area to showing a window with Diac's image as his ping registered. "Nightbeat? It looks like Diac is back online."

Nightbeat looked over at the display. "Think he and Optimus are okay?"

"It's not a distress signal, so I would say they're out of danger for the moment."

"Well, that's something, at least." He looked back to Firedrive. "I think Hot Rod's about as repaired as we can get him. Think you can deal with him?"

"No." The young Autobot sighed. "I didn't want this."

"The war, or dealing with Hot Rod?"

"Either. I know he's trying to teach me, but......"

Nightbeat shrugged. "The best I can offer is this. He means well. He really does. I knew him before he got stomped. Or at least knew of him. If I had to guess, you're worried that the you that you are is going to be absorbed into him. Right?"

"Yeah. When he felt so happy that those..... Well, some part of me felt it, too."

"Uh.... Didn't they do psychological testing to team you up?"

Firedrive managed to look somewhat chagrined. "Actually...... I kinda stole him. By the time they caught us, I'd already bonded with him. The only way to end the bond is for one of us to..... well....."

"Yeah. I've become intimately aware of how to end the bonding process. He'll keep you safe, I'm more than willing to bet." A tone sounded from the console. Nightbeat got up and walked over, tapping a couple of keys. "His armor's patched, we matched the paint, and even got the teeth marks out of the exhaust pipes. He's ready to go." Nightbeat looked back at Firedrive. "Better get back to him. And remind him once in a while that obsessions can be unhealthy."

Firedrive nodded unhappily, then got up and walked back to where Hot Rod was parked.

Dig Site:

Stylor pulled a component out from under Chromedome's dashboard. "Well, as long as he doesn't transform, he can't start a physical confrontation, and I just pulled the activator module for his vehicle mode weapons. At this point he's down to insults."
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