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There is one. Right over there. The part of Sixshot’s psyche, the little bubble of ostentatiousnesss and avarice that was Revolver pointed out Furos to Sixshot. And there’s Chromedome, your old buddy.
But the one sitting next to him is not making any movement of the scared kind.

He could be just unaware of our- of my- of… our? Of Sixshot’s reputation. Sixshot replied to Revolver. Sixshot mentally frowned. Chromedome. Despite the running joke (his old buddy Hammer told Sixshot he needed to joke more to build camaraderie – Sixshot has been practicing) that Sixshot likes to make about forgetting people’s names, Sixshot never forgot a face. Being raised, being created as part of a faceless army helped Sixshot to – as socially obtuse as the six-changer is – easily tell people who look identical apart. And not having hobbies or interests like a normal person with a pre-war life, what passed for Sixshot’s hobby is to look for worthy opponents, or, failing that, to foster hatred in them so that they would be driven to actually possess a challenge to Sixshot.

A sentiment that is not shared, at all, by Revolver, the little swindler that Sixshot is partnered with. But then there is a reason that Sixshot’s mind tends to take nearly full control whenever they are bonded – those who have weak wills do not deserve to survive. Though at least Revolver tries to be helpful, to get on his good side. Even if he tries to market Sixshot as a mercenary under the name… mighty giant mecha ninja consultant, was it? A mouthful.

Funny. Sixshot thought. I know my self-control is good enough, but I wonder why he is not charging at us, screaming bloody vengeance for his slain colony.

Perhaps he is simply too intimidated by the mighty strength that you possess. Revolver suggested.

Or perhaps he possesses honour and respects the truce. A rarity among the vengeance-seeking types, would you not say?

Sixshot-sama, I make a business, a very tidy business, of avoiding that sort of people seeking violence upon me. So I would not know.


Perceptor frowned, scowling. “That was convenient.” Perceptor unslung his sniper rifle from where it is magno-clamped to his back, clicking a fresh clip into it. “I do not believe in coincidences. For protection. But yes, Hardhead – we shall roll.”
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