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Why doesn't the Dark Horse Minicomic book include every She-ra Minicomic? It's not worth it then. When will Mattel learn that He-man and She-ra are stronger together.

They keep on wanting to tear them apart like when they were babies.

Randor and Marlena are a disgrace as parents, and Man-At-Arms is a joke as a guardian. They gave up looking for Adora.

The Power of Grayskull and the Sorceress are all frauds. Even Zodac could not find Adora. How can the cosmic enforcer not be able to find his ass with both hands?

Eternia is controlled by a bunch of incompetent boobs. They're worse than Skeleor's henchman.

Twins of Power my ass. He-man and She-ra together should be able to free Etheria from Hordak.

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