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It sounds like you guys are experiencing what we have in Europe for the last 17 years!

Smyths seems to be the only place that seems to have a clue about the waves system in the UK, but again, stuff sells out so fast and then isn't seen again. And then I suspect experiences may vary. I have noticed that my local store, being fairly new, tends to have in a lot more update stock than the one in the next city, which has been around for a couple of years now.

Likewise, Combiner Wars has been reasonably easy to pick up at retail - and if you were prepared to wait (and take a chance), stuff like the Combaticons and the Grand Prime (or whatever its called) assortment could be found at less than their RRP.

I still use a mix of traditional retail and online, which I have done for about 7 years now. Online I tend to use sparingly, as I've noticed the trend for selling you a whole wave of figures too, and I just a) don't want that or b) can't afford that. Plus you're then left with figures you invariably don't want and have try and resell - or so I'd imagine. It's a trend I don't like as it means the secondary market prices on new stuff just get silly, as no one can get their hands on ... anything, which is equally off putting.
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