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...I got a replacement copy of Primacy too. Which would be fine, except there's nothing wrong with the first copy I have.

And again, no August issues yet. Probably due to them going back to the printers to get Primacy sorted out.

Have to be honest, this is the first time I've really gotten Livio's art. Its still dark, murky and the proportions are off, but there's a lot more colour and it feels like he's put more effort into the story-telling, so things are a bit easier to see and you can tell what's happening. And I enjoyed Primacy too!

I also liked Hearts Of Darkness, which I really wasn't expecting to, given how popular opinion says its rubbish. I loved the art on it, which had a nice European flavour and I liked Abnett and Lanning's 2000AD sensibilities shining through on this.

...I think my general opinion on the IDW stuff is changing with a bit of distance. Although I'll be interested to see how the Costa stuff fares (assuming they're getting to it).

I'm guessing they're doing the Armada storyline because the heralds in that were all G1 characters, so therefore it's cannon...? The editorial line on what is and isn't part off the 'main' G1 continuity seems quite flexible, so I don't understand why, quite honestly, they're just not going for everything - I suspect they might get around to things like Armada, Energon and Beast Wars if subscriptions stay strong enough to allow this to carry on after its planned run. Although if the keep making a hash of things, it will definitely be a case of deciding how much I want to read this stuff measured against a chaotic and feeble customer service.
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