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The "Call of the Primitives" shows that Unicron was created by a small frog-like creature. This implies that the Unicronian Decepticons are probably not as well engineered. Galvatron did not get fitted with a proper helmet, causing the plasma to seep in and make him crazy. Megatron was not effected when all the Decepticons fell into lava at the end of "Heavy Metal War." Shockwave even said in "Countdown to Extinction" that Megatron was indestructible.

In "Webworld" Motormaster, Swindle, and Laserbeak threatened Cyclonus to his face that if he did not fix Galvatron they would get rid of all the Unicronian Decepticons, like they're were nothing. Motormaster even smiled at Cyclonus when he said this, like he was nothing to him.

And Cyclonus followed Motormaster's direct order.
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