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I always thought Swiftwind was better than Battlecat because he could fly.

I also thought She-ra's transformation sequence was more spectacular than He-man's. Her battle cry "For the Honor of Grayskull" was much stronger and deeper, and sexier. It made Adam's "By the Power of Grayskull" sound like a weak girl.

It seemed like looking at their two swords, the jewel in She-ra's sword makes it stand out; it makes He-man's sword look plain in comparison.

Also, She-ra was fighting a more substantial villain. Skeletor was just Hordak's pupil.

On top of all that, She-ra had more powers (eg. healing, communicating with animals, etc) and a mutating sword.

And She-ra seemed to be at least as physically strong as He-man, and much more agile.

Did Princess of Power castrate the Masters of the Universe fans, alienating them and ultimately bringing about their own cancellation?

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