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Furos noticed Sixshot's attention, but paid it no mind.

He's not looking for trouble...yet. And as glorious as that battle would be, I'm not inclined to give it to him. He smiled to himself. Yet.

He nodded to Stylor. "Crude, but effective. Good work. Just don't disable anything that we can't re-enable in a few seconds, in case the truce proves to be shorter-lived than we'd like."

As Hardhead rolled up alongside, Furos clambered up into his open cockpit. "We're headed off to -- hopefully -- recover Diac and Optimus. You're in charge of the camp -- such as it is -- while we're gone."

Hardhead, meanwhile, continued to talk to Perceptor. "Once we've recovered our leader, you should get Ginrai to scan you. His repair systems might be able to cure your sensor difficulties."

As he settled in, Furos noted the depressingly low ammo counts for most of the selection of shells that Hardhead used. He made a note to replenish them from the supplies the Titan Masters had brought from the shuttle, once he had a moment of downtime.
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