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I visited a small local show on the weekend and found a few neat things.

Transmetal Terrorsaur. He's shiny! I didn't think much of him from the pictures I'd seen, colours-wise, and I'd always figured that the Armada and Beast Machines decos were nicer. But in person, the original colour scheme is a lot more detailed and eye-catching than I thought. And the mold is quite fun, with a funky silhouette, good articulation and a neat transformation. In general, it's really impressive how the Transmetals' beast modes were miles ahead of what most of the organic figures could boast.

Generations Roadbuster. He's awful! A totally irredeemable turd. Clunky, badly proportioned, poor articulation and bad arm kibble. But with the Jumpstarters, Whirl and the Triplechangers all in my collection, there was a definite Roadbuster-shaped hole in my Wreckers set. He cost less than retail and he'll look fine on the shelf but I definitely wouldn't recommend him as a standalone figure.

Takara Legends Blurr. He's beautiful! I didn't think I'd be able to find one, at least not for less than stupid prices. Well, okay, the price was maybe a little stupid, but was less stupid than what I'm seeing at the online shops that still have him in stock, and I didn't have to pay taxes or shipping, so I guess that's a win? Anyway, cost aside, he's a glorious figure. The shoulders are awkward, but otherwise the robot mode is fine and it's really obvious that he's the one they were thinking of first when they made this, not Brainstorm. The vehicle mode is just gorgeous, and the colours are fantastic all around. I'm not a big believer in Takara superiority, but sometimes they do hit one out of the park, and it's amazing how much nicer this is than the dull-as-dishwater Hasbro offering. I can't honestly say it was worth the money, but it comes pretty close. He's competing with Misfire, Triggerhappy and Topspin for the title of nicest TR Deluxe in my books, even if being a Takara product does technically disqualify him.
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