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Originally Posted by Ryan F View Post
Just found this thread. Good work! Couple of corrections...

"The Gift" should be set after "Decepticon Graffiti", because the former is a Christmas story and the latter is set during the summer holidays (the cheque that Donny writes in the coda scene is dated to October).

"A Small War" is set several months in the past (I don't have the comics to hand), which dates that story to around the time of "Club Con".

"Two Megatrons" takes place before "Interplanetary Wrestling", as the Decepticon Micromasters are working for the real Megatron in that story.
For some reason I didn't see this until now... But yeah "The Gift" definitely should be placed after that group of summer issues.

"A Small War" being set in the past is a part of it's narrative though, so reading it where it actually took place makes it seem like it took place a year prior to that point, plus it's only relevant right before "The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship".

I dunno what I'm going to do with "Mind Games" and "Two Megatrons!" now though.. I guess I'll have to re-read the relevant issues. My general idea was that both Megatrons were making their own independent actions at the same time, and that it's ambiguous as to which one was commanding who and when (especially with Dreadwind and Darkwing).

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