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From what I can gather from well of truth Twitter the 3P shenanigans seem to be related to one specific company sailing to close to the wind with a MP style Hot Rod that basically is MP Hot Rod as MP Hot Rod is being formally reissued.

Of course, you can't just start sporadically enforcing your copyright (else they'll claim unfair treatment in any court battle) so even if they do only want to deal with one firm they'll likely be a lot more rigid generally from now on (as is their perfect right of course).

The Disney thing is more puzzling as that's one company that finincially can go legally toe to toe with Hasbro and are incredibly protective of even their most obscure characters. With this Bumblebee predating the Transformer and toys having been about unchallenged for a few years they're juat as likely to be able to take any and all trademarks for themselves.

I think.

We need Nevermore back to clarify the trademark/copyright difference like the old days.
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