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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
The Disney thing
DC. Disney are the other lot.

We need Nevermore back to clarify the trademark/copyright difference like the old days.
Copyright covers intellectual property/conceptual stuff. A written piece, a film, the design of something, an image.

Trademarks refer to what you market that as. So a body of work itself is protected by copyright law, but the name you sell it under has to be registered as a trademark.

There is a visual element in trademarks as well, as you can register a specific logo (or variations thereof) too.

You'd think that people would be able to tell the difference between the two characters, but if Hasbro
a) have registered the "Bumblebee" name for toys, sans qualifier (you'll note a lot of Marvel Legends are labelled as "Marvel's [x]")
b) think that a confused relative in a hurry will go to TRU to "buy the kid a Bumblebee toy"
c) are feeling like complete dicks
then the enforcement is totally understandable.

Common sense would dictate that people can tell the difference, but if whoever's making those DC toys hasn't got a trademark in place, Hasbro might just be afraid of setting a precedent by letting it slide this close to Bumblebee's push as a headline attraction.
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