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I wonder about these things. Specifically, how can trademarks carry weight when Hasbro's own interpretations of its characters can be so elastic?

For example, consider Starscream, Starscream, and Starscream. You'd think that, Okay, Starscream's a jet with certain colors and some visually distinct cues likes the intakes on either side of his head, the wings on his back, etc. Except that sometimes he's Acid Storm, or one of the other characters that essentially differs only in colors. So, a Starscream is a Starscream only when he features both distinctive design cues and a certain color scheme, otherwise he's Skywarp or one of the other ones. Except when he's blue. Or except those times when none of that is applicable. I mean, from Hasbro's own merchandise canon, everything and nothing both can be and is not Starscream. So the theoretical trademark for Starscream should be watered down to the point of meaninglessness, right? And that's not even getting to the subjective reaction of whether a given figure looks like a character enough to persuade a consumer to buy the thing.

Granted, I've gone on about Starscream, but you can swap in Bumblebee almost as easily. Also, it'd be funny if DC just changed their Bumblebee to red instead of yellow and called her Cliffhopper.
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