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Default Which characters are you still waiting for a good toy of?

Between Masterpiece and the recent Generations stuff, a ton of characters that I've been waiting for new figures of forever are now standing on my shelves. But there's still plenty of ground left to cover and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's still got a list of favourites who are still MIA. Whether it be someone who hasn't gotten a figure since the 80s, or someone who's current modern incarnations just don't do it for you, which characters are you still waiting for?

Titans Return actually knocked off a lot of characters who'd previously have been at the top of a list like this for me: Blaster, Blurr (via Takara) and especially all those 1987 Decepticons that came out as Deluxe figures. But there's still some members of the class of '87 that haven't been touched, including the Autobot Targetmasters. It was rumoured before that the last wave of Titans Return would bring us new versions of them, but that didn't happen. I'm actually a bit relieved that it didn't, because the rumour was that Crosshairs (one of my favourite Transformers ever on account of the original toy actually surviving my childhood) was rumoured to be a Kup repaint, and I don't think that'd work for him. I'm pretty sure that a new deluxe-class Crosshairs with the right silhouette and colours would make me happier than anything else the Generations line could bring out, right now. Hell, if Hasbro gave him the toy head and Takara did an anime head, like they've done for a lot of TR figures, I might actually buy both!

Also hailing from 1987, I'd absolutely love a new Grotusque! I actually think that TR Skullcruncher would have served as a good base for him, since they transform very similarly. But with Doublecross and (a tiny) Repugnus both making an appearance I'm actually surprised that we didn't get one.

Not as surprised as I am that we made it through a whole year's worth of Headmasters without a single Scorponok, though! I get that they're holding out on the character because they want to do a Titan, and that they boxed themselves in by doing a fan poll for the next one after Max without telling anyone that it would be a Headmaster. So as much as it disappoints me, I get why they didn't make him a Leader-class figure. But you'd think he'd have some representation in the line, even if it's just a Titan Master with a mini-vehicle. This one is actually pretty frustrating, because I know they're going to make one in the near future, but that it's going to be a two foot tall Titan figure that I'm not going to have any interest in owning.

Spinister, obviously, because this is me we're talking about. I know Funpub did a couple, and they're neat and all, but they're also expensive and not as good a representation of the character as a new mold would be.

And Bludgeon, of course. That probably sounds like a strange one because Hasbro has made a few Bludgeons lately. But the movie design (while cool) is very distinctively a movie design, and no matter how many third-party kits you put on it, it's still a movie figure that doesn't represent the classic Bludgeon. And the more recent figures (in the Prime and RiD lines) have both been based on the ROTF figure, so they don't really fit my expectations either. Heck, even the recent third-party Bludgeon is just another spin on the ROTF toy! I was momentarily excited to see his name on the leaked list of POTP figures, but then I saw he was a Prime Master, meaning that his first official Generations toy is going to be tiny and may actually be less complex than the original. That's not very helpful either.

I could go on all day, but Crosshairs, Grotusque, Scorponok, Spinister and Bludgeon are definitely the top five.
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