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I'd been kicking around the idea of buying TR Sky Shadow for a while, and an expiring $20 off TRU coupon finally convinced me to go for it. I'm super glad I did! At first glance I'd dismissed it as a cash-in retool of Overlord, but almost the entire jet component is unique to him. That means that he looks very distinctively like Black Shadow -- an amalgam of elements from the original toy, the anime model and the Generations toy, anyway -- from the crotch up. The legs are pretty obviously still Overlord's, though, since the tank component wasn't changed much. It's noticeable that he's missing the original's armour and hoses on his hips, but it doesn't look bad by any means. Articulation is quite good for such a big figure too, minus a waist swivel due to how the two parts of him combine.

The jet component is pretty cool, and very accurate to the original. The base mode is neat too, though it's also the most distinctly "Overlord" thing about the figure. The tank component is a disappointment, though. Aside from transforming into legs, it basically does nothing. The turret doesn't turn, and the cannon barrel can't even adjust up and down. It's pretty much a big ugly box with a TM cockpit.

Overall, he's a nice, solid Leader-class figure. Since the tank half was reused with a totally different jet for Overlord, I wonder what the odds are of the jet half (with a new head and chest) getting used with a different set of legs for a future Thunderwing. Maybe get him into the Power of the Primes line by having the big robot's legs turn into a smaller figure based on the original's inner robot?

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Mmm. Have to say they've knocked it out of the park drip-feeding Wreckers releases into the main lines. At this point wouldn't actually be surprised they could do something to challenge the MMC one.
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But still no Rack N' Ruin
I wouldn't be surprised by either of them at this point. Hasbro's been getting progressively more and more open to making toys of anyone, and not just the usual '86 movie and earlier crowd. Impactor would be a pretty straightforward futuristic tank toy, and my only real worry with an official one is that they'd make him a Deluxe instead of the Voyager that he'd have to be to fit in visually with the rest of the team. Rack'N'Ruin is a bit more of a head-scratcher, engineering-wise, but since they're rumoured to be releasing the Duocons next year as two separate Legends figures, maybe they'd do that?
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