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Originally Posted by Marisa View Post
I heard the Thundercracker IDW Spotlight is the best of that series, next to the Shockwave IDW Spotlight?

Is it worth purchasing?
The Spotlights occupy an awkward position of being ancillary to the various main miniseries but some of the key moments of the continuity happen in them. Wouldn't really say any are essential, but it depends on how much you like the rest of the IDW stuff. They're in collected volumes like everything else --

I know third-party does not do electronics
Some do, mainly larger and MP scale stuff.

It's hard to say G1-ish collectors aren't getting gimmicks, with CW, TR, push-to-launch weapons, voyagers = triple changers, etc. It just tends to be a main gimmick per line and/or size class.

Most of the gimmicks were shit and detracted from the transformations, which is arguably the core feature that inspired kids to take up engineering and design/produce 3P figures now.
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