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Originally Posted by Hound View Post
Legends Class versions of:
The recent leaks make it sound like you'll have this one sooner than later. Hopefully you like the TR Brawn mold!

Originally Posted by Hound View Post
I'm really, really hoping that the reason why we got Chase instead of Cliffjumper in TR is because someone at Hasbro has finally decided that Cliffjumper is something more than cheap repaint fodder, and that he deserves his own distinct mold. Not so much for Cliffjumper's sake, but because I'd really like a Hubcap myself. And as long as Cliffjumper is reduced to being just a red repaint of Bumblebee, it's almost impossible that we'll ever get a Hubcap.

Originally Posted by Sunrunner View Post
There's plenty of G1 characters yet to do in the Generations line, but if the last couple of years are anything to go by, they'll get round to doing them sometime. It's amazing how many lesser known and obscure characters now have a modern toy representation.
It really is. Especially considering how much of it has come in just the last couple lines. Before Titans Return came along I think Hasbro had made accurate new figures for, what, four post-86 G1 guys? Thunderwing, his repaint Black Shadow, Scoop and Brainstorm are the only ones that come to mind. For the longest time characters from that era used for maybe a lazy repaint at best, and now we've gotten spot-on representations of more than twenty of them in about a year.

And Combiner Wars was just as good. After such a big portion of the fandom got up in arms over them making a non-combining Silverbolt and Onslaught in Universe, Hasbro shied away from those characters entirely beyond a brief foray with the FoC Combaticons. And then they're suddenly putting out Devastator, Superion, Menasor, Defensor and Bruticus in a single burst.

In both cases the biggest complaints about the line seem to be that we wanted more, which I think bodes well for Hasbro continuing to delve deeper into their character roster. I look forward to the day when I can find Generations toys of the likes of Rage, Skram, Jackpot, Leadfoot and Stalker on the shelves.

Originally Posted by Sunrunner View Post
The surprising thing to me is that IMO we have yet to have a good Generations release of either Optimus Prime or Megatron
It's less noticeable with Optimus because in the same timeframe he's gotten two really well-received MP figures, along with good figures in the Animated, Movie and Prime lines. And before that in the UT lines and RiD as well. And they all basically look like Optimus Prime. But there's so little consistency in Megatron's design that it's a lot more obvious that all of his Generations toys have either been bad toys, or decent toys that don't represent the character at all (like the IDW bomber or the WFC figure). But you're right, they've both fared poorly. The best Optimus we've gotten was the Classics Voyager, and it's firmly into "alright for its time" territory now.

Since it's been a decade or more since the Classics figure came out, I hope they'll revisit G2 Megatron some time soon. He'd make for a really solid Leader-class figure.
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